Career program

Structured promotion program

The IUF – Leibniz Institute for Environmental Medicine regards the qualified support and training of junior scientists as central task. A structured support shall give PhD students of the IUF the opportunity to prepare a high quality dissertation in an interdisciplinary, translational acting research institute and thereby to set the foundation for an international scientific career.

Core element of this supporting program is a promotion agreement that is made between the doctoral candidate and the institute. It settles among others the support of the hosting university and the duration of the promotion. It ensures that the personal financing and the infrastructure that are necessary for the promotion are guaranteed and that a promotion’s duration of about three years is not exceeded. The possibility to publish data, to visit congresses, to internationalize, to form cooperations in particular within the Leibniz Research Alliances and to gain so-called soft skills is given in this framework.

The IUF is member of the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Research
Academy Düsseldorf (iGRAD) at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. The training, education, consulting and service offers of iGRAD specifically support the qualification of junior scientists.

The successful progress of the promotion project is accompanied by the elected PhD committee. In case of conflicts PhD students can address the ombudspersons Prof. Dr. Charlotte Esser and PD Dr. Thomas Haarmann-Stemmann.

PhD committee:

Prof. Dr. C. Esser (Chair)
PD Dr. Dr. N. Ventura
Dr. J. Tigges
Dr. T. Wahle
M. Busch

Postdoc program

A particular concern of the IUF is to provide the
structural conditions for young postdoctoral scientists for a high level
international scientific career. A postdoc program provides besides
scientific training that skills which are necessary for an independent
scientific work are imparted. The participation in appropriate internal
and external continuing education events is ensured by the IUF. The
possibility to reflect the individual career planning is given within a
mentoring program.

For the academic training with the goal of the
habilitation, the institute organizes and supervises the lectures in the
subject environmental medicine at the Heinrich Heine University. Within
this framework, the members of the program have the possibility to
acquire the experience and the didactic education which is mandatory for
the habilitation.

Postdoc committee:

Dr. J. Dobner
Dr. A. Kämpfer
C. Klasen
PD Dr. Dr. N. Ventura
Dr. T. Schikowski
Dr. R. Schins

Spokespersons of the PhD students

Kevin Schlüppmann and Julia Kapr

The spokespersons are elected as representatives of all PhD students at  the IUF. They represent the interests of their group in regular meetings with the managers.

Spokespersons of the postdocs

Dr. Angela Kämpfer and Dr. Jochen Dobner

The spokespersons are elected as representatives of all postdocs at the IUF. They represent the interests of their group in regular meetings with
the managers.