Research profile of the IUF

The research mission of the IUF is the molecular prevention of environmentally-induced health damages. To this end the IUF focuses on environmental noxae of current and global relevance including particles, (non-ionizing) radiation and chemicals. In an interdisciplinary approach that combines toxicological, epidemiological, immunological and aging research expertise, the IUF analyses the mechanisms that are causally involved in the health damaging effects of these environmental pollutants.

The main focus is on environmentally-induced aging processes of the pulmonary system (research field 1: red), the skin (research field 2: yellow), the nervous system/neurotoxicity (research field 3: blue) and disturbances of immune reactions (research field 4: green). All research areas contribute to the development of novel models for risk assessment and the identification of innovative strategies in prevention and intervention. The translation is achieved by advising regulatory authorities and by cooperating with clinicians and the industry.