Postdoc program

A particular concern of the IUF is to provide the structural conditions for young postdoctoral scientists for a high level international scientific career. A postdoc program provides besides scientific training that skills which are necessary for an independent scientific work are imparted. The participation in appropriate internal and external continuing education events is ensured by the IUF.

For the academic training with the goal of the habilitation, the institute organizes and supervises the lectures in the subject environmental medicine at the Heinrich Heine University. Within this framework, the members of the program have the possibility to acquire the experience and the didactic education which is mandatory for the habilitation.

Postdoc commitee:

S. Binder
H. Genc
C. Klasen
N. Ventura
T. Schikowski
R. Schins

Postdoc speaker:

Stephanie Binder and Hatice Genc

As the elected representative of all postdocs at IUF, they represent the interests of their group in regular meetings with the management.